November 13, 2019

Bernie's new truck is vandalized again and Petey (Reggie Currelley) is his prime suspect. Meanwhile the couch crasher in the alley (Omar Kennedy) makes himself increasingly comfortable as actor John Marshall Jones and his nephew/sidekick Boogie (Ty Hodges) invade Bernie’s space in a whole new way. Written and Directed by MARCUS FOLMAR. Cinematography and Editing by STEVE ROYALL. Original Music by JONGNIC BONTEMPS. Starring: Marcus Folmar, John Marshall Jones, Naomi Grossman, Reggie Currelley, Ty Hodges, Bryan Rainstein and Omar Kennedy.

27 years ago, I lived in this house in CΓ³rdoba, Argentina, and dreamt of being an actress in Hollywood... Cut to 2 weeks ago, I was back for a quick visit, and had to self-tape an audition while I was there. That meant finding someone to read the other role in English, strapping my cell phone to an exercise bike, quieting the German shepherds outside, battening down the hatches due to crazy-winds, learning to light and edit and export all myself, NEVER MIND the acting. I swear, I wanted to submit that tape for short film consideration— I produced the πŸ’© out of it! Got wind of the callback while on my layover in Miami; THEN, beyond jet-lagged, met the director the DAY I returned home. πŸ₯΄ Yesterday I found out I got the part! πŸ€— Gracias, Perla, y toda mi gente cordobesa— les debo el 10%, y mucho, mucho mΓ‘s!!! πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ‡¦πŸ‡·

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